Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Quick salad

I was cooking dinner one day and realized I hadn't eaten anything for lunch. I threw some lettuce into a bowl and added a can of octopus. Sea salt, fresh pepper, olive oil, lemon juice and black and white sesame seeds. A little semolina bread. Glass of red. Perfect. 

Imported trị color pasta with scallops, pancetta, and broccoli

Stewed rabbit and mussels at Taste Of Portugal

Scallops appetizer - with and without lemon butter dill

Soft boiled eggs with wife's picadillo

The best breakfast ever 

French fried potaters

Made them as a side with something. Forget what. 

Chicken in the rotisserie

Chicken was free range, organic fed, antibiotic free, hormone free - coated with olive oil, sea salt, fresh parsley and rosemary. 

Shiitake mushroom soup with shrimp and vegetables.

I'll post the recipe for this one day. One of my favorite meals ever 

Salad from Umbertos wantagh. Goat cheese an candied pecans

Turkey cutlets

The way to make turkey cutlets is to brine them first. I cooked them gently in the frying pan for the kids with olive oil and some sea salt. Then I added some fresh chopped Italian parsley. Served them with basmati rice with cooked carrots and raisins and some seared cauliflower. 


Deer Fest at nicks!

Went to nicks for venison fillets and some pulled venison. He made his penne alla vodka again. Best. 

Pumpkin roll. Imagine Swiss roll only better

My brother made this

Spicy chicken rigatoni. I'll get the recipe. It's so good! 

Pulled bear sammich

So my friend nick made some pulled bear - like pulled pork only manlier. I put together a sandwich and pan fried the whole thing till black. Ridiculous. 

Some corn bread in the frying pan with butter and maple syrup

Bear Fest at nicks house!

Had bear for the first time. I didn't cook this. My buddy nick made it. The penne alla vodka was over the top. Then the bear just sent it all over the moon. On the right is bear steak. On the left of the plate  are some bear jalepeno poppers. Don't ask. Insane. 

Elk filets with grilled onions and mushrooms with red wine reduction and basmati rice

Elk kielbasa. Pan fry - add mustard - drink beer. Done.

Elk rib eye steaks in the crock pot.

This was so succulent. I made some of the best oven roasted baby red potatoes with elk steaks. The steaks were in the crock from 9am till 7pm. They marinated in soy sauce and hoisin sauce for 48 hours first. The tiny white onions were the icing on the cake. 

Turkish coffee. And a droid. Droids are cool.

Wife's pulled pork

This was really excellent 

Seared tuna at Pulchinellas

Egg ham and cheese rolls from North Shore Farms

I went into a bread coma after eating these. Absolutely delicious 

Pork with rice and beans at Taste Of Portugal

Beef and lamb kofta and chicken kofta

Very middle eastern inspired. This is one of my favorite meals and very easy to make 

Moroccan shrimp

I made this easy - frying pan with olive oil. A little sea salt and fresh black pepper. I mixed in some Charissa seasoning while it was still hot in the pan an plated it with toasted black and white sesame seeds. Of course the colossal shrimp was better than the smaller ones but it's still makes a great dish either way. 

Cigar dinner at Jericho Terrace

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I threw some scallops in a pan and added them to some imported Tri color pasta with pancetta and broccoli. It's all in an olive oil seasoned mix. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fettuccine with crab pesto and broiled lobster tails

I made a killer meal tonight. Added some parmegiano oregianno to the fettuccine while it was still hot. My first time doing lobster tails like this. The shrimp and scallops over baby arugala and baby spinach was also a first. The shrimp were stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped with bacon. Awesome.